Webinar: Introducing MYCOM OSI's 5G Roll-out Accelerator™ Solution

Watch our on-demand webinar introducing our new 5G-specific, cloud native solution - the world's first available on the public cloud - designed to enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to rapidly launch differentiated 5G services whilst reducing system cost, time-to-market and operational complexity, without compromising on carrier-grade QoS for all customers. Deployable, ready to ingest data within one hour, the SaaS solution quickly addresses the challenges that CSPs face in today’s pioneering 5G roll-outs:

  • Managing complex site deployments: the testing, acceptance, verification and optimization of significantly more complex 5G radio access network equipment
  • Visualizing performance in complex, new 5G network topologies: the ongoing monitoring of 5G network performance, the identification of degraded performance indicators and the rapid identification and resolution of root causes across the 5G network topology
  • Protecting existing customers: the monitoring and assurance of 5G networks to deliver differentiated experiences for 5G customers while protecting the experiences of non-5G customers


On-Demand Webinar video with Intro and outro - 21 Jan 2020



Webinar: Demonstrating MYCOM OSI’s 5G Roll-out Accelerator™ Solution

Date - 13th, Thursday 2020

Time - 10:00 AM GMT