MYCOM OSI's Virtual Executive Briefing Center

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MYCOM OSI’s virtual Executive Briefing Center (vEBC) brings together the latest product and solution innovations across our portfolio. Recorded demonstrations and presentations arranged across four zones provide a simple first step for visitors to experience our offerings.

More detailed resources, in the form of datasheets, brochures, white papers and other downloads are a click away, and for a more tailored exploration of the portfolio you can request a live conference call with one of our experts.

MYCOM OSI’s vEBC is regularly updated with new content. Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have and looking forward to hearing from you.

Virtual EBC Zones

The Assurance Cloud™ Zone


20200220 - Assurance Cloud Introduction v1


Discover MYCOM OSI's disruptive Assurance Cloud™ SaaS offering, including support for hybrid deployments, immutable architecture and now, AI/ML use cases. Have your questions about mission-critical service assurance in the public cloud answered. Talk to us today about how we have made the Assurance Cloud™ more reliable, faster and feature-rich than on-premise deployments at some of the largest CSPs globally. 


The Business Outcomes Zone


20200220 - Business Outcomes Zone Overview


Explore MYCOM OSI's pre-integrated outcome-based solutions portfolio and Smartpacks™, including demonstrations showing how Tier 1 CSPs use MYCOM OSI's products and solutions to achieve targeted KPI improvements, and an on-demand webinar demo of the recently launched 5G Roll-out Accelerator™ solution, designed to support CSPs to solve specific challenges in the roll-out and expansion of 5G services. 


The Advanced 5G and AI/ML Zone

Advanced 5G AIML


Learn about the launch of MYCOM OSI's AI/ML solution, which augments its service assurance portfolio to support AI/ML-driven use cases for higher levels of automation, higher accuracy performance and fault prediction, more proactive and efficient network and service operations, improved network QoS/QoE and more cost-efficient network planning and roll-out, to name a few. See how automated, intelligent assurance is critical to advanced 5G service monetization. 


The Ecosystem and Innovation Zone

Ecosystem and Innovation


Find out about MYCOM OSI's activities with the ecosystem, including standards bodies and the open-source community, to integrate new virtualization technologies such as SDN and NFV into its Experience Assurance & Analytics™ (EAA) suite of applications, including Open Source MANO (OSM) integration, assurance of network slices, participation in the Red Hat Virtual Central Office (VCO) project, participation with ONF and more. 



MYCOM OSI Executives

Mounir Ladki, President and CTO, MYCOM OSI
Mounir Ladki
President and CTO
Dirk Michel
Dirk Michel
SVP - Cloud Business & Solutions Architecture
 Jithendriya Raghavendran | Global director | Telco Digital Transformation SolutionsMYCOM OSI
Jithendriya Raghavendran
Global Director, Telco Digital Transformation Solutions
Paul Ghanime
VP PLM and Head of AI program
MYCOM OSI’s executive team will be happy to discuss your particular requirements, discuss its new offering and illustrate its strategies.


Demonstrating the latest version of its award-winning Assurance Cloud™ SaaS offering
Based on its cloud native Experience, Assurance & Analytics™ (EAA) suite of applications – that can be deployed, ready to ingest data, in under one hour
Showcasing a new AI/ML solution
Leverages big data pipelines to predict network faults, forecast service quality (QoS) and capacity as well as detect performance and quality anomalies, correlation rules and root causes, so as to reduce operational costs.
Demonstrating its new cloud-based 5G Roll-out Accelerator™ solution
Enables rapid activation of 5G-specific network and service assurance use cases for planning, deployment and assurance, all within a self-contained, pre-packaged SaaS offering
Demonstrating its evolved digital transformation solutions catalogue for digital NOC/SOCs
Including Service Quality Analyzer™ and Service Impact Analyzer™ for VoLTE, IPTV and IP-VPN, automated RCA solutions across RAN/Transport/Core/IT domains, closed loop assurance and self-healing automation across hybrid (physical, virtual and cloud) networks
Discussing real world case studies and experiences from leading CSPs
Including - How Globe Telecom implemented the first assurance platform in the public cloud in South East Asia to automate digital operations and the role this continues to play in its digital transformation; Assurance of the world’s first NFV/SDN Telco Cloud at Three UK and Automation of up to 95% of network quality management at a top 5 largest CSP

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