Service and Network Performance Management Use Case


Learn about the PrOptima™ Use Cases

From troubleshooting mobile network signaling floods to proactive network health monitoring, from new technology introduction (such as LTE) to large network equipment swaps, from process automation to managing special events (such as the Olympics) and many more use cases, the MYCOM OSI PrOptima™ based solutions help CSPs address network complexity, enhance services and meet customer expectations.

PrOptima™ is a market-leading, next-generation Service Assurance platform that enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to address customer experience challenges related with Service and Network Performance Management. A flexible, multi-vendor and multi-technology carrier-grade foundation used by the Engineering, Optimization and Service or Network Operations Center (SOC/NOC) teams of major CSPs worldwide, PrOptima™ focuses on network, service and end-user related data to deliver optimal service performance and customer experience management.