A walkthrough of MYCOM OSI's Assurance Cloud™ SaaS offering

    20200220 - Assurance Cloud Highlights v1

    Announcement: Enhancements to the MYCOM OSI's Assurance Cloud™

    Live Announcement - The Assurance Cloud 2020022 - Recording

    Introducing MYCOM OSI's new AI/ML Solution

    20200222 - Introduction to MYCOM OSIs AIML Solution

    Demonstrating 5G Closed Loop Assurance

    Demonstrating zero-touch discovery and assurance activation with OSM

    20200217 - OSM Integration Demo v2

    Demonstrating Service Assurance at the Edge

    Mike Hansen Red Hat - Open Hybrid Edge Cloud_TACS 110619

    MYCOM OSI demonstrates '5G Service Planning and Optimization'


    MYCOM OSI demonstrates '5G Intelligent Service Operations'


    Globe Telecom & MYCOM OSI Case Study


    MYCOM OSI demonstrates ‘5G Service Operations'


    MYCOM OSI Webinars

    On-Demand Webinar: Exploring some use cases for MYCOM OSI's new AI/ML Solution

    Get an overview of MYCOM OSI's AI/ML solution from the use case perspective, with a 40 minute on-demand webinar looking at the challenges faced by CSPs and the ways in which MYCOM OSI's AI/ML capability can be applied to address them, providing improved predictive accuracy, introducing more proactive operations and contributing to improved performance and operating efficiency.

    AI ML webinar


    Public Cloud_ An essential but not singular solution for CSPs


    Mission-critical OSS in the public cloud

    Hear Dirk Michel, SVP Cloud Business and Solutions Architecture at MYCOM OSI, speaking during  TM Forum's recent webinar on the topic of 'Public Cloud: An Essential but not Singular Solution for CSPs', on how the public cloud is the right fit even for mission-critical capabilities such as service assurance, and the benefits already achieved by Tier 1 CSPs globally. 

    On-Demand Webinar: Demonstrating MYCOM OSI's Digital Transformation Solutions catalog

    Hear Jithu Raghavendran, VP Telco Digital Transformation Solutions at MYCOM OSI, showcasing a selection of solutions from the 200+ Digital Transformation Solutions catalog. 

    Demonstrating MYCOM OSIs Digital Transformation Solutions catalog


    5G Roll-out accelerator solution


    Webinar: Introducing MYCOM OSI's 5G Roll-out Accelerator™ Solution

    Watch our on-demand webinar introducing our new 5G-specific, cloud native solution - the world's first available on the public cloud - designed to enable CSPs to rapidly launch differentiated 5G services whilst reducing system cost, time-to-market and operational complexity, without compromising on carrier-grade QoS for all customers.

    MYCOM OSI Thought Leadership

    Interview with Mounir Ladki, Co-founder, President and CTO, MYCOM OSI
    The central role that service assurance plays in enabling the adoption of, real-time and predictive automation

    Industry expert - Mounir Ladki, MYCOM OSI_TACS 110619
    The delivery of borderless, guaranteed services with programmable networks

    MYCOM OSI on advantages of service assurance SaaS over legacy assurance

    The Critical Role of Assurance in 5G Monetization

    MYCOM OSI discusses how SaaS assurance enables and monetizes 5G

    President and CTO on how MYCOM OSI is leading the transformation of OSS

    MYCOM OSI VP Solutions on how its Cloud-native Solutions Benefit CSPs at MWC18

    CTO of MYCOM OSI on Next Generation Cloud-native Assurance Platform at MWC18

    CTO of MYCOM OSI on AI and Machine Learning and how it impacts Assurance at MWC18


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    Get in contact today for a demo session with one of our product experts

    Watch the Webinar


    Get in contact today for a demo session with one of our product experts

    Watch the Webinar


    Get in contact today for a demo session with one of our product experts

    Watch the Webinar