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Learn about the high-level features, benefits and capabilities of EAA PrOptima™


MYCOM OSI EAA PrOptima Datasheet


Cloud native EAA PrOptima™, part of the EAA suite of products, is an end-to-end converged (mobile/IP/virtualized/fixed) network solution that provides:

• Leading out-of-the-box support for multiple domains, technologies, network   equipment vendors and managed service suppliers
• Scalability to process massive volumes of performance data in near real time
• Advanced flexible reporting and analysis capabilities
• Support for physical, hybrid and telco cloud networks for digital/IoT data traffic
• Open collaborative ecosystem to simplify deployment complexity and cost that   includes Northbound HTTP REST APIs and Netflow/IPFIX data ingestion
• Integrated historical event and trend analysis
• User friendly web-based GUI including GIS KPI mapping and ad-hoc report    creation