EAA ProInsight™



    MYCOM OSI EAA ProInsight™ is a next-generation Analytics solution that delivers network utilization and customer behavior insights by blending network and service information with non-network data such as usage or tariff plans or customer profiles. Part of the integrated MYCOM OSI Experience Assurance and Analytics™ (EAA) suite of products, EAA ProInsight enables CSPs to make intelligent business driven decisions on network investments, understand usage patterns to anticipate and pre-empt potential churn-causing events and gain visibility of HVA (High Value Account) experience. Many teams within CSPs can benefit from ProInsight analytical insights including operations, marketing and corporate sales through to engineering and planning.


    • De-risk new technology introductions: Reduce time to revenue by shortening risks based on capacity and quality targets and usage.
    • Optimize investment CAPEX: Target expansions and new capacity/technology to locations and devices for highest business impact through location monetization.
    • Improve Customer Experience: Identify and resolve capacity and other issues to minimise service impact on customers and locations
    • Marketing campaign support: Better management of campaigns, special events and related tariff schemes – e.g. identify heavily loaded areas with 4G enabled devices.
    • Reduce customer churn: Through understanding customer behaviour and experience of services delivered.

    Key Features

    • Pre-built analytical smart packs: Get insights faster with less set up time and cost
    • Data Blending from multiple sources: Network, data lakes (Hadoop etc), EMS, Fault Management and non-network data to give multi-dimensional visibility
    • Flexible Visualization: Including Time-series, Geographical, Charts, Dashboards and multi-KPI analysis ensure users can get the right data in the right format at the right time.