EAA ProAssure™

    Digital Service Quality Management


    MYCOM OSI EAA ProAssure™ is a cloud native proactive digital service quality management system and part of the integrated MYCOM OSI Experience Assurance and Analytics™ (EAA) suite of products that assures digital QoS, enabling the proactive management of digital services in complex ecosystems that can span physical, hybrid and virtualized networks.

    It provides real-time Service Impact analysis with near-real time quality analysis and integrated Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Trouble Ticket generation, Topology Analysis, automated onboarding of inventory, topology and catalogs. It also delivers dynamic service modelling support to enable rapid service roll-out within Telco Cloud networks.

    The web-driven UI provides a single pane of glass that provides end-to-end assurance of service and network quality with integrated reports, dashboards and problem alerts with advanced analysis capabilities to identify and resolve issues before they impact customer experience of services with advanced analysis capabilities that simplify ever increasing network and service complexity.



    • Improve operational efficiency: End to end visibility across all domains and services with integrated automation and root cause analysis simplifies the complexity of services and networks.
    • Increase operational agility: Roll out new services and technologies in less time with higher quality through automated onboarding and real-time discovery of inventory, topology and catalogs for physical and virtualized networks
    • Reduce Capex and Opex: End to end visibility in a single solution enables to retirement of legacy solutions whilst the cloud-native architecture, automation, integrated RCA and DevOps model reduces integration time and costs whilst boosting operations productivity.
    • Improve Customer Experience: Proactive operations and automation of operational tasks increases service quality and reduces MTTR of issues that impact customer experience whilst masking complexity and reducing costs.

    Key Features

    • PA3End to End Visibility: Across all technologies and network types and service domains in a single solution to provide a true picture of service quality as perceived by the customer
    • Manage Complexity: Empower users through a user friendly web GUI that enables simple customization of pre-built dashboards, graphs, maps and charts that can be created in seconds with in-built root cause analysis, self-adapting thresholds, along with customizable KPIs
    • Simple deployment: Pre-built KPIs, functions and process built on MYCOM OSI’s deep knowledge and experience, reduces complexity, errors and time to results
    • End to End QoS-driven orchestration: Supports hybrid network infrastructures and enables rectification of issues based on QoS issues and policy violations with automated triggering of corrective actions to physical EMS and NFV MANO orchestration and includes real-time discovery of NFV topology and configuration
    • Manage Complexity: Reduces complexity involved in service modelling through a simple GUI and integration with CMDB and LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestrator) for automatic onboarding through TOSCA and TMF 628 removing the need for manual configuration
    • Service Impact Analysis: Real time identification of services and customers impacted by network problems for instant prioritization and action with integrated root cause analysis, automated trouble ticket integration, topology analysis, quality analysis and analytics from a single pane of glass