EAA NetExpert™

    Fault Management


    MYCOM OSI EAA NetExpert™ is an advanced fault management solution that empowers NOC/SOC team with actionable intelligence on faults and alerts, reducing the number from billions to those that genuinely require attention to safeguard service quality. Part of the integrated MYCOM OSI Experience Assurance and Analytics™ (EAA) suite of products, it provides a highly scalable solution (deployed at T1 providers) that enables NOC/SOC teams to focus on network faults across all technologies and domains (including telco cloud) that impact services. Its advanced policy, service, and topology modelling and root cause analysis capabilities coupled to a flexible open, easy to use, platform enables faster, more accurate fault identification and resolution.


    • Improved operational efficiency: By prioritizing business-critical and high-impact service issues and ease of use allows resources to focus on resolving rather than finding issues
    • Improved customer experience: Respond to service impacting issue in less time with lower Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) reducing the number and duration of disruptions
    • Fewer SLA penalties: By prioritizing business-critical issues and enforcing Service Level Agreements across all services and technologies end to end.
    • Higher organizational productivity: Through intelligent modeling and root cause analysis automation and ease of use across organizations
    • Investment Protection: Based on a proven solution built on a scalable and cloud-ready architecture that covers physical, hybrid and Telco Cloud networks
    • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX: Single comprehensive solution with reduced training and implementation requirements that enables OSS system count reductions and offers significantly lower integration and operational costs.

    Key Features

    • Flexible Real Time Advanced Fault Management: Multi-domain support from physical to telco cloud networks with real-time alerting with sophisticated service and policy models enable issue prioritization and rapid resolution.
    • Simple web-based use model: web-based dashboards with comprehensive reporting, troubleshooting and GUI-driven customization capabilities empowers users and encourages information sharing throughout organizations.
    • Scalable vendor agnostic Cloud-native architecture: Deployed at T1 CSPs EAA NetExpert manages hundreds of millions of network elements today and the cloud native architecture reduces TCO.
    • Integration with other EAA Suite Products: Integrated Common Information, Service and Topology database supports true integration with PM, SQM, Analytics and Automation solutions that make up the EAA suite. This offers genuine multi-domain E2E visibility of customer impacting issues.