EAA Cloud Platform

    MYCOM-OSI-brain-cloud-rgb-largeMYCOM OSI’s next generation cloud native platform leverages cloud technologies and processes to deliver a more agile, automated, and lower cost foundation for its Experience Assurance and Analytics™ (EAA) suite of products. These include EAA ProAssure™ digital service quality management, EAA PrOptima™ performance management, EAA NetExpert™ fault management, EAA ProActor™ automation and EAA ProInsight™ analytics.
    It provides simplified integration with BSS/OSS, big data frameworks and network virtualization architectures (NFV/SDN) via Open APIs and common services that process real time data, provide dynamic modelling, integrate service assurance functions and provide a unified management system.
    It supports all phases of CSPs transformation to DSPs and is deployable on bare metal, private or public clouds in a flexible, extensible open architecture that meets CSPs assurance needs before, during and after transformation.


    Cloud native platform
    • Reduce TCO and Opex: Through reduced integration and operational costs – up to 75% lower than non-cloud solutions through self-orchestration, management and DevOps processes
    • Reduce Assurance Capex costs: Through an innovative subscription model making costs predictable and consistent
    • Increase Agility: by real time onboarding of inventory, catalog and topology models with a self-orchestrating solution
    • Increase Operational Efficiency: Via NetOps and closed loop automation to automate processes, procedures and tasks
    • De-risk DSP transformation: By continuing to assure service and experience quality for new, dynamic digital services delivered by hybrid and telco cloud networks

    Key Features

    • Infrastructure Agnostic: MYCOM OSI’s Cloud Platform is deployable on bare metal, virtualized datacenters, private and public cloud environments with industry-standard IaaS technology. This isolates the platform from the underlying infrastructure to leverage commodity hardware, provide flexible utilization and agile infrastructure provisioning and seamlessly support future deployments.
    • High Availability Scaling: Self orchestrating with automated scaling, replication and upgrade of software components occur without impacting the rest of the platform. This simplifies operations, minimizes downtime, disruption, and delivers high availability through self healing and failure recovery. Continuous monitoring of health KPIs, application services and hardware resources ensures zero downtime.
    • DevOps Processes: MYCOM OSI utilises DevOps and PaaS to automate deployment of its applications with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). This includes centralized configuration, versioning and audit control, automated integration, regression and user acceptance testing to deliver high quality software with minimal disruption. This helps deliver a 75% reduction in deployment and operational costs compared to non-containerized solutions.
    • Unified Data Management and Services: MYCOM OSI’s EAA Cloud Platform collapses the assurance data silos that exist with legacy OSS systems through a common data architecture that enables data to be shared between all EAA applications, including performance management, fault management and service quality management. This includes unified topologies, network and service inventories as well as the extraction of smart data from streaming and telemetry sources and external data lakes.
    • Open Flexible Framework: Agnostic to NFV and cloud ecosystems the MYCOM OSI EAA Cloud Platform is open and integrates with a wide range of NFV and IT cloud ecosystem components via Open APIs, and including TM Forum Open APIs, OpenStack, VMWare, data lakes, Kafka, OSM, MEF LSO, ETSI, ONAP, SDN and OPNFV to ensure seamless integration