EAA Products

MYCOM OSI product portfolio includes ProAssure™, PrOptima™, NetExpert™, ProActor™ and ProInsight™

MYCOM OSI’s cloud native Experience Assurance and Analytics™ (EAA) suite of integrated products provides digital service quality management (EAA ProAssure™), performance management (EAA PrOptima™), fault management (EAA NetExpert™), automation/orchestration (EAA ProActor™) and analytics (EAA ProInsight™).

This enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to optimize network and service quality across hybrid (virtual and physical) networks, and increase agility and efficiency through automated network and service operations.

MYCOM OSI’s cloud native platform underpins all of the EAA applications and provides cloud benefits such as infrastructure independence, agile deployment, elastic scaling and high availability, as well as common services for EAA applications such as a unified network inventory and dynamic topology, integration with big data frameworks and open APIs. It uses a microservices architecture, containers, cloud technology and DevOps methodology to enable agile deployment on private and public clouds, and reduces system deployment and operations by over 75% versus traditional assurance systems.

Reduce Customer Churn

Enhance end-user experience and reduce customer churn by proactively detecting network and service issues

Improve Brand Reputation

Avoid the financial impact of SLA penalties and improve brand reputation by consistently honoring SLAs

Add New Revenue Streams

Differentiate service offerings and add new revenue streams by rolling out new technologies/equipment in a right-first-time manner

Increase Operational Efficiency

Facilitate analysis across teams/domains and increase operational efficiency by consolidating disjointed internal systems

Simplify Operations

Simplify operations and establish effective supplier governance by utilizing a single independent view of network and service performance

Maximize ROI

Optimize infrastructure investments and maximize ROI by making decisions based on network, service and customer related metrics

Gain the Competitive Advantage

Minimize the risk of inadequate solution capabilities and gain the competitive advantage by relying on trusted and proven expertise

See what Customers/Partners say

'The best thing that I see in PrOptima is the KPI editor. The KPIs are very flexible. I can do whatever I want with the KPIs. We have developed about 800 PIs and KPIs over the last two or three years, and it's really very powerful and very flexible'

Senior Advisor Networks, Saudi Telecom