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MYCOM OSI Assures On-Demand 5G Network Slices Across Multiple CSPs for Connected Cars in TM Forum Catalyst Proof of Concept

Posted by Ian Meakin on Apr 25, 2019 11:00:00 AM

MYCOM OSI will be part of the demonstration team at the Catalyst Zone and will offer demos on-demand on their exclusive terrace

LONDON, UK – 25th April 2019 MYCOM OSI, the Assurance Cloud Company™ and leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced its participation in the 5G Optimized Capacity & E2E Experience Catalyst Proof of Concept (PoC) at Digital Transformation World 2019, in Nice, France, on 14 - 16 May.

The Catalyst, championed by Verizon and British Telecom with participants including MYCOM OSI, Cango Networks, Wipro, Nokia, ARRIS and Amdocs, will demonstrate highly efficient, automated planning and customer engagement-driven, closed-loop service orchestration for dynamic and on-demand network slices, driven by real-time AI/ML-powered service assurance, together with immutable block chain for automated settlements of complex inter-CSP agreements.

With our industry rapidly moving to 5G deployments, attention is shifting from niche use cases to supporting mass adoption and monetizing the promise of differentiated Quality of Experience (QoE) in the context of a multitude of diverse usage scenarios. The efficient management of network slicing to deliver guaranteed QoE to unlock new revenue streams, while optimizing resource utilization, is critical to maximizing CSPs’ 5G RoI. The impetus for real-time optimization of network resource allocation will increase as the number of concurrent network slices grows, because over-allocation of resources (resource buffers) to maintain SLA commitments could translate into millions of dollars of lost revenue. A critical objective of CSPs is therefore to minimize the usage of resource buffers through intelligent, predictive, real-time monitoring and orchestration at a per-slice level of granularity, but with a total network view of strategic KPIs that translate to network RoI.

The Catalyst represents a significant step forward in enabling CSPs to achieve this objective by supporting on-demand network slice instantiation based on predictive awareness of the required network resources. MYCOM OSI’s contribution in this Catalyst will demonstrate the central role of real-time, AI/ML driven network intelligence in the realization of this objective, through the following capabilities:

  • Real-time monitoring of critical 5G network slice characteristics and KPI performance, used by planning tools to optimize slice resource allocation
  • Visualization of real-time 5G network resource utilization on an aggregated and per-slice level, with predictive alarming of future congestion issues
  • Triggering of scale-up and scale-down orchestration based on predictive alarms, preventing issues before they impact the customer and maintaining SLA adherence
  • Continuous validation of triggered orchestration efficacy
  • Real-time validation of the feasibility of on-demand network service requests, integrating with user interface for real-time, personalized offers that monetize unutilized resources

In the Catalyst, MYCOM OSI’s Experience, Assurance & Analytics™ (EAA) will assure a fully virtualized 5G network hosted across multiple national, regional and edge datacenters (including monitoring latency, spectrum, data rate and datacenter CPU, storage and NIC). It will demonstrate the ability to leverage ONAP for network orchestration, showcase Tosca standardized templates for zero-touch slice definition ingestion and apply Open APIs (TMF 628 and TMF 642), demonstrating the rapid and technology-agnostic integration with any ecosystem.

Join the 5G Optimized Capacity & E2E Experience Catalyst Proof of Concept team for a fireside chat during the event, where they will discuss how the Catalyst moves the industry further towards the realization of a fully virtualized, open 5G architecture, and provides the opportunity for audience Q&A.

MYCOM OSI is a silver sponsor of Digital Transformation World and is the exclusive sponsor of the CXO Summit, an invitation-only event running alongside the main event. The three-day conference will attract senior industry executives from across the globe to discuss key business challenges and practical solutions in five conference tracks – 2025 Digital Operator, AI & Data, Cloud Native IT, Digital Customer and Network Transformation – and within multiple innovative Catalyst Proof of Concept demonstrations developed collaboratively by CSPs and ecosystem suppliers.

To pre-arrange a meeting with MYCOM OSI or book a private demo of the Catalyst, please click here or contact the marketing team at MYCOM OSI will be located in its exclusive terrace on the top floor next to the Catalyst Zone.

For further details of MYCOM OSI’s participation at the event, click here.

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