Network Performance Management & Analytics Use Case


Learn about the ProInsight™ & PrOptima™
Use Cases

MYCOM OSI ProInsight™ is a next-generation Network Analytics product that can deliver unique network utilization and customer behavior insights by integrating and correlating technical information (for example, congestion) with commercial metrics (such as devices, services or tariff plans). This helps CSPs make optimal, network- and business-relevant decisions in an efficient manner, and provides a strong foundation to address the challenges and opportunities introduced by billions of connected IoT devices and associated digital services.

PrOptima™ is an end-to-end converged (Mobile/IP/Virtualized/Fixed) Network Performance Management solution with:

  • Leading out-of-the-box support for multiple domains, technologies, network equipment vendors and managed service suppliers
  • Unrivalled ability to scale-up and process very large volumes of performance data in near real-time using next generation object storage (Ceph, Elastic) for peta-byte scale
  • Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities based on flexible configuration
  • Ready to support performance of hybrid NFV networks and digital/IoT data traffic
  • Uses Agile methodology and latest technologies for cloud-based deployments