Network Analytics & Automation Use Cases


Learn about the ProInsight™ & ProActor™
Use Cases

MYCOM OSI ProInsight™ is a next-generation Network Analytics product that can deliver unique network utilization and customer behavior insights by integrating and correlating technical information (for example, congestion) with commercial metrics (such as devices, services or tariff plans). This helps CSPs make optimal, network- and business-relevant decisions in an efficient manner, and provides a strong foundation to address the challenges and opportunities introduced by billions of connected IoT devices and associated digital services.
MYCOM OSI ProActor™ is a next-generation Automation & Orchestration product that standardizes operational procedures based on best-practices, increase the speed/frequency of essential activities, and free up valuable resources to focus on more important tasks. Built upon the deep telecom expertise of MYCOM OSI, it helps CSPs increase Operations/Engineering efficiency through process automation, and fully benefit from hybrid (physical and virtual) networks through automation service orchestration.