Telecommunication networks have evolved significantly over the past 30+ years, but the complexity of operating and optimizing them has increased just as rapidly. Market pressures to deploy new services have resulted in a landscape of expensive, disjointed, proprietary and domain- and technology-specific ‘legacy’ OSS systems. Solving this problem is today more urgent than ever. As CSPs begin to roll out increasingly creative services from IPTV to innovative new digital experiences for enterprises, service assurance must be real-time, automated and intelligent. MYCOM OSI’s integrated, cloud-native Experience, Assurance & Analytics™ (EAA) product suite enables CSPs to manage every aspect of quality assurance – not only the performance of the underlying network, but also the experiences of every customer, current and future.

EAA Benefits

EAA provides the functional building blocks for CSPs to move towards ever-increasing automation of their NOC/SOC operations, leading to increasingly simplified, efficient operations and demonstrably improved experience. It collapses the traditional silos of Service Quality Management (SQM), Performance Management (PM), and Fault Management (FM), driven by a platform of common resources and data models that enable end-to-end visibility and control of CSP networks across all network domains. Based on modern containerized cloud-native technology, it evolves to meet the demands of CSPs today and in the future and is trusted by some of the largest, most complex CSP networks globally.  

End-to-end visibility


Business Agility: A single pane of glass for customer experience visibility

CSP services commonly traverse multiple domains in the journey from the service to the user. EAA eliminates the silos that constrain CSPs’ visibility of the customer experience, with cross-domain comparable KPIs based on a common platform



Open and closed loop automation that simplifies NOC/SOC operations

Leveraging orchestrators for VNF and PNF technologies to pro-actively automate increasingly complex manual tasks in real time enables resolution of many issues before they impact the customers, reducing MTTR and enabling SLA compliance

Advanced Analytics


On Demand: Enable continuous improvement and data-driven decision-making

MYCOM OSI’s advanced analytics capability enables data-driven decision-making, by deploying AI/ML to uncover hidden issues and trends, and implement predictive maintenance and capacity planning, unlocking value from a wealth of network, product and context data

Ready for 5G and more


Leverage our growing catalogue of digital transformation solutions

Over 25 years, MYCOM OSI has remained 100% focused on CSP service assurance, and today provides carrier-grade assurance capabilities out-of-the-box for emerging technologies including 5G. This wealth of experience is captured in over 200+ pre-integrated outcome-based solutions

Agile and Cloud Native


Powered by DevOps and CI/CD for a rapid release cycle

A re-architected product suite based on containerization and microservices enables a rapid release cycle, highly responsive to the changing needs of CSOs. MYCOM OSI’s customers trust EAA’s resilience, scalability, high-performance and responsiveness for their mission-critical assurance needs

Technology Agnostic


Support for myriad evolving open standards and technologies

Through active, non-exclusive involvement in open source projects and standards bodies, EAA today supports leading open technologies including OSM, ONAP, OpenDayLight and many more