Experience Assurance and Analytics™(EAA)


    MYCOM OSI’s cloud native EAA suite of applications delivers simplification and automation of network and service quality management for NOC/SOCs (Network Operations Center/Service Operations Center) by reducing the impact of increasing network and service complexity to improve customer experience, organizational efficiency and agility whilst reducing costs through innovative DevOps deployment and subscription-based commercial models.

    EAA collapses the silos that have evolved between Service Quality Management (SQM), Performance Management (PM) and Fault Management (FM) in legacy systems into a single integrated system. It delivers end-to-end, multi-domain assurance across physical and virtual networks, services, customers and devices through a unified platform with automation and analytics driven by AI/Machine Learning.

    In addition, EAA provides assurance-driven closed loop network automation that directs orchestrators (in virtual networks) and configuration management (in physical networks) to make changes to optimize end-to-end network and service quality.

    'MYCOM OSI has already provided us several different business benefits primarily around operational efficiencies, through Automation'

    Head of OSS, Globe Telecom


    • Improve Customer Experience: EAA end-to-end visibility provides proactive operations enabling preventative maintenance and shortening MTTR improving service quality and efficient data sharing across CSP organizations
    • Reduce Capex and Opex: EAA cloud native architecture, DevOps deployment and end-to-end visibility reduce Capex and Opex via reduced system cost, lower installation and operational costs versus traditional assurance solutions
    • Improve Operational Efficiency: EAA automation of operational processes and tasks, along with root cause analysis, manages complexity and enables operations to meet upcoming efficiency demands
    • Increase Agility: EAA automated onboarding and discovery of Inventory, topology and service catalogs enables rapid service assurance of dynamic digital services and networks

    Key Features

    • MYCOM OSI EAA Assurance: End-to-end real time assurance, unifying disparate assurance data into a single solution that links network performance with service quality and customer experience, to provide actionable intelligence for physical and virtual hybrid networks delivering dynamic digital services
    • MYCOM OSI EAA Automation: Open and closed loop automation/orchestration to support process automation in supervised or autonomous modes, automating and orchestrating processes that are too complex to manage manually. It also provides assurance driven end-to-end closed loop automation directing orchestrators (virtualized networks) and configuration management (physical networks) to automate changes required to meet QoS and SLA objectives
    • MYCOM OSI EAA Analytics: Provides insights by exploiting the wealth of data available to CSPs from network, data lakes, events and non-network data such as tariff, spend and customer type. This reveals previously hidden issues and problems and enables business and quality driven intelligence, including investment optimization, predictive maintenance and planning, to ensure customer experience and quality are maintained
    • MYCOM OSI EAA Cloud Native Platform: Solutions are delivered via microservices, containerization and DevOps Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) processes to increase solution resilience, scalability, performance and agility whilst reducing Capex and Opex