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Get insights from leading Communication Service Providers on how you can optimize the quality of your network and services and look at different ways to address virtualization and IoT, exploit digital services delivery and manage your customers’ experience. Please complete the form on the right to download the MYCOM OSI eBook, which includes 31 Use Cases on how to assure network and service quality through Performance Management, Service Quality Management, Fault Management, Analytics and Automation solutions.

Download the MYCOM OSI Use Case eBook

Learn with our free eBook how CSPs all over the world have implemented our award-winning Assurance, Analytics and Automation solutions to manage scenarios such as:

• Orchestrating service quality in hybrid NFV networks
• Assuring quality of corporate IP broadband service
• Capacity and congestion management using network analytics
• Proactively managing end-to-end 2G/3G/4G RAN health
• Efficiently rolling out high performance 3G and LTE networks
• And more...

Here is the list of the Use Cases:

  • Orchestrating service quality in hybrid NFV networks
  • Assuring quality of corporate IP broadband service
  • Capacity analytics for managing mega, merged networks
  • Capacity and congestion optimization using network analytics
  • Automating processes and parameter audits to improve network quality
  • Automating special event management to ensure high quality of service
  • Efficiently rolling out high performance 3G and LTE networks
  • Troubleshooting mobile network signaling message floods
  • Proactively managing end-to-end 2G/3G/4G RAN health
  • Simplifying RAN optimization for successful LTE deployments
  • Managing network capacity to optimize performance and reduce CAPEX
  • Cost effective management of shared RAN networks
  • Enabling large scale vendor swaps in record time
  • Monitoring and analyzing issues across RAN and IP backhaul networks
  • Managing outsourced network operations
  • Taking a unified view to manage performance across multiple domains
  • Transforming performance management to increase customer satisfaction
  • Service assurance and capacity management for large events
  • Seamless monitoring during network upgrades and swaps
  • Resolving end-to-end network capacity bottlenecks
  • QoS management and reporting for NOC
  • Realizing the vision of unified performance management
  • Eliminating performance problems through worst cell cluster analysis
  • Improving trouble ticket accuracy and processing through automation
  • Dynamic inventory access
  • De-risking LTE deployment
  • Reducing alert floods through alarm aggregation
  • Supporting ITIL best practices through unified fault management
  • Rapid scalability with high-volume alarm processing
  • System consolidation and integration of non-standard SNMP interfaces
  • Prioritizing broadband network alerts in inclement weather conditions


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