Customer Centricity Solutions for Next Generation NOC/SOCs

    Managing network and services intelligently to prevent customer impact

    MYCOM OSI Customer Centricity Solutions for Next Generation NOC/SOCs - 1MYCOM OSI Customer Centricity Solutions provide an efficient framework by combining NOC/SOC methodologies, tools and CSP processes, leading to effective service quality management and improved customer experience. These solutions enable operations to continually sample customer/service/network assurance data streams, identify potentially impacted customers and automatically notify, as well as apply, preventative measures based on efficient correlation between multiple data sources, thus enabling proactive customer problem management.

    The next generation of Network/Service Operations Centers proactively anticipates customer impacting degradations by making use of customer data: customer value, service usage, SLAs, etc. This allows CSPs to prioritize and fix issues before top customers become aware of them, or avoid them altogether, which improves customer experience and reduces churn.

    The next generation NOC/SOC prioritizes degradations of corporate customer services and helps safeguard their service quality. In the event of network or service faults, their resolution is prioritized by customer service level and value. The customer can be proactively informed of status to manage customer expectations and satisfaction.

    Benefits of MYCOM OSI Customer Centricity Solutions

    • Proven framework enabling NOC/SOC activities with a customer-specific context
    • Prioritize incidents related to wireless access network serving corporate customers
    • Rapid and actionable insight into a wide range of potential customer issues for further preventative investigation based on learned intelligence
    • Manage different service models and profiles for wireless and wireline customers
    • Efficient methodologies linking corporate customers, services and network elements
    • Supports multiple domains, technologies and vendors
    • Future-proofed to support virtualized/hybrid, IoT and 5G networks

    Service Quality Analyzer™

    MYCOM OSI Customer Centricity Solutions for Next Generation NOC/SOCs - 2The Service Quality Analyzer™ solution carries out proactive service management, messages customers about impending service issues and prevents SLA/OLA violations, thus improving the quality of service offered to consumer or enterprise customers, whether fixed, broadband or mobile.

    The solution provides an efficient framework by combining service modeling methodologies specific to customer environments and deep understanding of communication technologies. It enables modelling complex service trees and provides service level monitoring dashboards for corporate subscribers as well as issuing service quality alerts. It allows proactive identification of problems with individual enterprise services and highlights and prioritizes problems to take remedial action.

    The solution’s proactive management capabilities enable identification of developing problems in services and resolving them before they impact the customer. Service instances that are undergoing Service Level Objective (SLO) or Operational Level Agreement (OLA) violations are quickly reported. Such proactive identification of service violation, followed by root cause analysis to understand the problems with specific KPIs or network elements, helps reduce the operator’s mean time to repair (MTTR).

    The Service Quality Analyzer™ solution drives NOC/SOC priorities to focus on revenue-impacting problems, speeding up identification of service issues in both physical and virtualized fixed and mobile networks.

    Value-based Prioritization™

    MYCOM OSI Customer Centricity Solutions for Next Generation NOC/SOCs - 3The Value-based Prioritization™ solution helps CSPs analyze network statistics in context of customers to optimize CAPEX in network infrastructure as well as target strategic investments based on actual network/subscriber behavior.

    The solution provides the capabilities to efficiently correlate a range of OSS and BSS data sources e.g. network performance data, CRM and billing data, location data, subscriber density, technology type and services used. This reduces MTTR by quickly identifying network bottlenecks through value-driven capacity planning and analytics.

    The solution builds a Congestion Score to help the NOC/SOC users to prioritize optimization and rollout actions. These actions may include capacity expansions, traffic re-routing, re-configuration, etc. The solution also helps in prioritization of rollout of services specific to high value customers.

    By managing capacity with near real-time data and relieving/diverting network congestion, the CSPs can meet customer usage needs better, providing just the right capacity for the customer services. The analytics-based solution improves customer service levels and avoids unnecessary network expansions.

    NOC/SOC users, Radio optimization engineers and Radio parameter planning engineers can benefit from this customer-focused solution

    Corporate Customer Impact™ for Wireless

    MYCOM OSI Customer Centricity Solutions for Next Generation NOC/SOCs - 4The Corporate Customer Impact™ solution provides greater visibility and prioritizes incidents related to indoor and outdoor wireless access network areas, serving corporate customer buildings and high value points of interest, such as airports, train stations or cash machines using a mobile uplink.

    Based on performance management data and fault management data, the Corporate Customer Impact™ solution builds a customer impact dashboard, which allows the NOC/SOC users and other groups to immediately prioritize issues. The customer-centric reports/alarms, maps and dashboards are shared and exported to the NOC/SOC users. VIP or corporate customers with predicted, pre-defined problems are displayed in a map/table, with a user facility to conduct rapid drill-down from a map/table view. Rapid analysis and action can be carried out from the dashboard view reducing the overall MTTR. Impacted customers can also be notified via email, while the problem is being identified and resolved.

    The correlation of the customers and their location with network performance/fault data allows for a highly proactive customer-centric approach to problem solving, leading to instantaneous identification of the problem by the NOC/SOC users.