Customer Comments

    ‘It's a true multi-vendor tool, and what we found interesting is the amount of out-of-box KPIs’

    VP Network Projects, Vodafone India

    ‘The solution that MYCOM OSI provides us is by far the most flexible solution. It's powerful, we have a lot of reports, we have good KPIs, they can give us libraries of KPIs for the vendors we're using, and it's a one-stop shopping opportunity’

    Senior Technical Advisor, Telenor Group

    ‘We chose MYCOM OSI as a partner because of their strength, their scalability, their off-the-shelf VTIs, their coverage in the world mobile space in particular, and also the overall functions of their product… It's a best-in-class solution’

    Partner Manager, Next Generation OSS, HP

    ‘MYCOM OSI was the best of the three vendors that we took through an evaluation. Technically, their solution was superior to the others - not the cheapest, I have to say! - but we thought that actually based on the sheer difference between their solution and some of the others behind it, it was well worth Deutsche Telekom paying the money for it and we've got some very happy customers of the NIMS-PrOptima™ solution as well’

    Senior Technology Manager, Deutsche Telekom

    ‘This is a vendor which is able to turn around and do things quickly’

    Senior Technical Advisor, Technology, Telenor Norway

    ‘a single view for all vendors and all domains’

    Radio Manager, Tier-1 European Operator

    ‘We are absolutely convinced that we need a solution that is really independent from other stake holders, like network equipment, because we are running  multi-vendor equipments, multi-technology equipments, we need a partner that is reliable with their contracts and contacts to the network equipment solutions and to other OSS providers... we need solutions very quickly... My core belief is that an independent software provider can do this best... by the end of this tender it was really a very clear decision to go for MYCOM OSI’

    Head of OSS Management, Top 5 Global CSP Group

    ‘We are using the NetExpert™ OSS system [...and...] have done a lot of wonderful initiatives with the system. We are able to isolate faults much faster’

    OSS Head, Maxis (Broadband)

    ‘We decided to partner with MYCOM OSI, who had a really solid and market-proved product in place and this is from our perspective, a very successful partnership’

    Head of Professional Services, Comarch AG

    ‘They are experienced to bring in software in the company; they know the telecom business… With MYCOM OSI, there's a good product and in the background, it works well’

    Team Manager, European CSP

    ‘It is very powerful analytical tool’

    Radio Optimisation Project Manager, European CSP

    ‘MYCOM OSI is clearly number one’

    Manager of Technology Quality, Eastern European CSP

    ‘What is nice with MYCOM OSI is the adaptors are updated quite fast in comparison to the competition and this is very very important for business continuity’

    Radio Optimisation Project Manager, BASE Company, Belgium

    ‘One of the main advantages of NetExpert™ is it has a lot of flexibility to do what you want’

    OSS Manager, Tier 1 Latin America CSP

    ‘After we closed the contract, the first implementations were run very smoothly and very quickly. Results were obviously very fast, and our users are quite satisfied with the options of doing their own reports - it runs quickly, the system is stable’

    Head of OSS Management, Top 5 Global CSP Group

    ‘MYCOM OSI NIMS-PrOptima™ was chosen because of MYCOM OSI high quality credentials and its ability to respond to technical requirements. MYCOM OSI was also chosen because it offered the best ratio price/quality. Also we had the guarantee of the necessary flexibility and scalability which would match the network's needs’

    Director of Performance Management, African CSP

    ‘We like NetExpert™. It's very stable, it's able to handle the network when we are having major issues’

    Lead NetExpert Developer – Principal MTS, Tier 1 US CSP

    ‘It will bring quick response to our customer issues… We'll become more proactive in managing the network and services’

    Vice President, Network Projects, Vodafone India

    ‘I guess the major benefits with the MYCOM OSI project is the KPI facilities and also the reporting facilities. That is something that we really like about this product. It's so flexible that we could actually start using it from day one, and it's so simple to use that very little training was needed before we were able to use it by ourselves’

    Senior Technical Advisor, Technology, Top 15 Global CSP Group


    ‘A strong and performance-stable platform’

    Radio Optimisation Project Manager, European CSP

    ‘A combination of best-in-class systems, solutions and the expertise of the telco market, because that is something special’

    Head of OSS Management, Top 5 Global CSP Group

    ‘Thanks to MYCOM OSI data retention period that we keep, we are keeping about 400 days for our hourly data, which is huge’

    Advisor, Network Sector, Middle Eastern CSP

    ‘The multi-vendor KPI possibilities was a major benefit for us’

    Senior Technical Advisor, Technology, Telenor Norway

    ‘It's the best that we found’

    Manager, Unitel

    ‘It's a true multi-vendor tool, and what we found interesting is the amount of out-of-box KPIs’

    Vice President, Network Projects, Vodafone India

    ‘It's a very stable and performant tool; all users are happy’

    Radio Optimisation Manager, European CSP

    ‘It has been designed from the ground up for two-way communication. It isn't just a fault management system’

    Network Support Administrator, Global MSP operating Tier 1 CSP network

    ‘NetExpert™ is a very open framework that you can do anything with’

    Senior Software Developer, US CSP

    ‘I like NetExpert™'s flexibility, reliability, the ability to integrate with just about anything on our network. You can manage any technology, you can do any kind of provisioning as long as those systems are intelligent’

    Senior Software Developer, US CSP