AI-enabled operations of telcos for digitalisation of industries

Posted by Mounir Ladki, President and CTO, MYCOM OSI on Sep 23, 2021 12:04:25 PM

How software and AI are becoming the brain of telecom networks to reinforce digital businesses.

5G is the common denominator behind digitalisation and automation, the connected world, and smart enterprises. While industries are transforming and automating at an unheralded pace, 5G service providers are being plunged into the role of agents for the success of those industries, and not without benefits – there are massive monetisation opportunities for service providers.

A digital economy worth almost a trillion dollars hinges on the capability of the underpinning networks to deliver. But to unlock the network’s full potential, telcos might want to take a leaf from the hyperscalers and their use of automation and intelligence technologies. And while billions are being spent on the development of IoT, Industry 4.0 and the connected world, far less is devoted to the automation and intelligent technologies that could enhance the quality and reliability of the telecom networks that will form the backbone of the new trillion-dollar economy.

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MYCOM OSI Service Impact Engine migration to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Posted by Dirk Michel on Jul 8, 2021 12:36:03 PM

MYCOM OSI offers assurance, automation, and analytics software as a service (Saas) applications for the digital era. The Assurance Cloud Service™ provides critical end-to-end performance, fault and service quality management, and supports AI and machine learning (ML)-driven closed-loop assurance for hybrid, physical, and virtualized networks, across all domains, within a SaaS model.

MYCOM OSI’s SaaS assurance applications are Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) technology based services that are designed to be resilient, scalable, and distributed across AWS Regions as well as edge locations via AWS Outposts. Our SaaS tenants are data ingestion and analytics-heavy applications that handle hundreds of billions of incoming data records per hour, in order to serve up smart data to mission-critical network and service command-and-control centers that own the incident management process.

Redis is used for a variety of use cases such as caching real-time events and service-impact datasets, application caches, as well as session management authentication tokens and queues.

In this post, we detail why MYCOM OSI chose to migrate their application to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis. We discuss details such as drivers for moving from self-managed Redis, including the benefits achieved, the migration journey, and the architectures involved.

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5G slice assurance in autonomous networks

Posted by Yoann Foucher on Jul 8, 2021 12:35:08 PM

5G network slices have an important role in delivering differentiated and guaranteed connectivity services to enterprise and vertical industry tenants. With 5G network slicing getting mature in 3GPP specifications and the perspective of mass scale adoption, the management of slices including assurance (monitoring and collection, analytics, and decision) plays a key role for the distributed intelligence and closed loop assurance of 5G networks. This unlocks the key for communications service providers (CSP) to become digital service providers.

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Why 5G needs a service assurance cloud for higher performance

Posted by Sandeep Raina on Jul 8, 2021 12:34:35 PM

5G standalone networks, designed for varied enterprise services, require network functions to be created and removed, literally, in a jiffy. We are now entering a world of sub-second and microsecond network function and service instantiations.

While this speed is promised through virtualisation of 5G networks and automation of the 5G network functions, it is only a service assurance system that can constantly assure the operations of the infra, network and services at this high speed and scale, predict problems and remediate dynamically.

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Telco Cloud - The 4 immutable laws

Posted by Mounir Ladki, President and CTO, MYCOM OSI on May 9, 2019 9:10:42 AM

A strategic digital transformation and migration of infrastructure to the cloud can cut a CSP’s IT costs by up to 31 percent. This isn’t a number I’ve made up. This is the judgement of Three UK’s director of IT transformation, speaking at their media and analyst event last week.

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MYCOM OSI and AWS collaboration will help operators automate their networks

Posted by Ian Meakin on Jan 24, 2019 8:41:16 AM

Telecom Review interview with Mounir Ladki, President & CTO, MYCOM OSI. The interview was published on Telecom review on 21/01/2019.

MYCOM OSI is a global leader in providing cloud native assurance, automation and analytic solutions that enable communications service providers (CSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises to manage their digital experiences and hybrid networks. MYCOM OSI was one of the first in its industry to introduce and commercialize next generation cloud native solutions coupled with innovative subscription business models. Telecom Review managed to secure an exclusive interview with MYCOM OSI president and CTO, Mounir Ladki, at the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit.

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Cloud Dynamics Underpin MYCOM OSI's Acquisition

Posted by Ian Meakin on Dec 20, 2018 10:16:13 AM

Article written by Ray Le Maistre, Editor in Chief - Light Reading, and published on Light Reading on 30/11/2018

There's a good chance that the acquisition of telecom network assurance and optimization specialist MYCOM OSI by private equity firm Inflexion, announced Wednesday, might have escaped the attention of many in the industry. (See MYCOM OSI Acquired by Inflexion .)

But it's worth noting for a couple of reasons.

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The GSMA Mobile Economy Europe Report 2018: Industry challenges and how MYCOM OSI provides the tools to survive & thrive

Posted by Andrew Baldock on Dec 17, 2018 5:31:33 PM

The annual GSMA Mobile Economy Europe paints a mixed picture for CSPs, with continuing consolidation helping to stabilize the competitive landscape, but saturation in B2C pointing to slow growth in traditional revenue streams. The silver lining however, is a faster than expected adoption of 5G and a determined march into new verticals, showing many green shoots of growth.

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View from the top – latest digital transformation insights from executives at TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2018

Posted by Mounir Ladki, President and CTO, MYCOM OSI on Jun 27, 2018 3:39:39 PM

In May 2018, TM Forum held their annual flagship conference, Digital Transformation World (DTW), in Nice, France. This leading industry event was a rich and inspiring gathering of industry experts and CIOs/CTOs exchanging visionary ideas and sharing experiences about the latest advancement in our industry.

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5G networks move from the lab into the real world

Posted by Neil McKinlay on Jun 8, 2018 10:56:02 AM

5G networks are taking their first steps out of trials and labs into reality with innovative use cases demonstrated during the winter Olympics in South Korea early in 2018. Now the “how” of deploying dynamic, self-orchestrating networks has been explored and successfully demonstrated in recent TM Forum proof of concept Catalysts focused around providing new service provision and connectivity for the Tour de France cycle race, to demonstrate the real world benefits and value of 5G and new technologies available.

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Topics: Service Assurance, NFV, IoT, 5G, SDN, Telco Cloud

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