Automation solutions for next generation NOC/SOCs

Solutions to improve employee productivity and speed of service delivery

MYCOM OSI Automation Solutions for Next Generation NOC/SOCs - 1MYCOM OSI Automation Solutions help NOC/SOC personnel to be more productive by automating repetitive, mundane and more complex tasks so that they can focus on higher-value activities. The automation solutions are open and programmable with user-defined stop/go human intervention gates allowing CSPs to have full control to automate their processes at different levels as required.

As CSPs are under pressure to deliver more with less, often there are not enough people or skills in the NOC/SOC to meet increasing business demands, and typically staff numbers or skillsets are not increased in line with increasing requirements.

This challenge can only be met through increased productivity. Next Generation NOC/SOCs achieve this with targeted and controlled automation. Not only do Automation Solutions free up resources, they also automate the CSP best practices, which leads to more error-free actions and an ultimately reduced down-time. The Automation Solutions also support the high velocity of service creation and service performance monitoring in the digital, NFV service environment.

Benefits of MYCOM OSI Next Generation NOC/SOC Solutions

  • Higher operational efficiency by facilitating consistent, error-free, best practices-based actions
  • Improves employee productivity by freeing up expert resources
  • Manages the service velocity and complexity of hybrid NFV networks
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by acting more quickly/frequently to meet dynamic customer needs
  • Future-proofed to support virtualized/hybrid, IoT and 5G networks

Service Assurance-driven NFV Orchestrator™

MYCOM OSI Automation Solutions for Next Generation NOC/SOCs - 2The Service Assurance-driven NFV Orchestrator™ solution offers end-to-end network and service quality across hybrid (physical and virtual) NFV networks and directs NFV orchestration based on customer/service/network assurance factors like faults and performance degradations.

The solution offers automated orchestration of NFV as well as 2G, 3G and LTE networks by collecting performance and service assurance data across multiple technologies and vendors into a single service orchestration system.

When the service KPIs degrade for a particular service, the solution triggers alarms which are sent to the end-to-end policy orchestration system. The policy orchestration runs root cause analysis on the degraded service through exchanges with an underlying service assurance management system. The real-time dashboards of the solution combine functional and resource data and VM Resource KPIs received from the NFV Orchestrator (MANO).

With the automated actions executed, the NFV Orchestrator (MANO) and the physical network Configuration Manager notify the policy orchestration that the prescribed actions have been executed, closing the loop. As an example, the prescribed action can be the expansion of vMME or the addition of ethernet cards.

With the Service Assurance-driven NFV Orchestrator™ solution, the NOC/SOC users can support the CSP’s network virtualization transformation by resolving problems faster in the complex, hybrid NFV network and also support rapid launch of NFV-based digital services.

SQM Automation™

MYCOM OSI Automation Solutions for Next Generation NOC/SOCs - 3The SQM Automation™ solution allows the CSP to automate complex processes involved in Service Quality Management by providing automated workflows for modeling service hierarchies, root cause analysis and impact of services on the underlying network.

The solution provides a robust framework through automation of RCA workflows, service impact detection and isolation, as well as quicker identification of service degradation of high value corporate customers. It also enables real-time reporting of service instances that are undergoing Service Level Objective (SLO) or Operational Level Agreement (OLA) violations.

The solution also offers configuration of open API, allowing the CSP ecosystem to use on-demand data, KPIs and SLA threshold evaluations. It provides workflows to dynamically integrate with physical network/service inventory or MANO sources of inventory and fulfilment data. These complex auto-workflows enable CSPs to quickly identify the degraded Experience Index, impacted services and products, as well as the underlying resource capacity bottlenecks.

By using the SQM Automation™ solution, the SOC users can increase the efficiencies in SOC environments, improving service quality experienced by end customers and reducing the effort to troubleshoot service performance degradations.

Special Event Management™

MYCOM OSI Automation Solutions for Next Generation NOC/SOCs - 4The Special Event Management™ solution offers improved network quality and operational efficiency during events such as sporting events, conventions and trade shows with large numbers of customers in dense locations.

The solution monitors congestion levels in near real-time, automates analysis and corrective algorithms, and updates network element parameter settings to alleviate network overload. The solution automatically detects cell congestion throughout the special event and executes network parameter changes that maximize network quality for customers.

Its automated closed loop process workflows collect network performance data, performs root cause analysis and other computations and triggers network parameter changes, thus providing consistent pre-defined changes to the network based on the real-time capacity needs of the users. Network parameters are then dynamically adapted to the detected severity of congestion.

By using the Special Event Management™ solution, NOC/SOC engineers are able to react much faster to developing problems of extremely high traffic and eliminate traffic congestion in real-time for high-revenue generating events.