The Assurance Cloud Service™ delivers the Experience Assurance & Analytics™ suite of applications from the cloud as a SaaS offering. A fully managed and hosted software service: No hardware to procure, no infrastructure to maintain, scale and secure.  

The Assurance Cloud Service™ Benefits

The telecom industry’s first carrier-grade service assurance SaaS offering. It delivers business agility by eliminating months of deployment time and effort, avoiding risky system infrastructure costs and enabling on-demand expansion and feature activation. With a predictable subscription service model, the Assurance Cloud Service™ is 5G-ready and future-proof.

Assure 5G and more 


Assure the Promise of 5G and beyond

Vendor and technology-agnostic interoperability with hybrid networks, including rapidly evolving SDN, NFV, Telco Cloud and Cloud-RAN technologies. Our CI/CD approach to development adapts to the latest developments in 5G. Today some of the world’s first live 5G networks rely on the Assurance Cloud Service™

AI/ML Powered Networks


Accelerate the journey towards Zero-Touch Automation

Leverage the massive compute and analytics power of the cloud, deploy pro-active closed-loop automation of up to 95% of NOC/SOC operations and optimize network RoI and QoE, enabling you to deliver superior experiences and concentrate on finding and exploiting new growth opportunities

Business Agility

1. Operational in weeks

Accelerate your digital transformation

The Assurance Cloud Service™ is activated and ready for data integration within hours. Connect your data streams to the ACS from your preferred co-location with direct fibre links or VPN. The service is fully managed, removing the burden of lengthy IT procurement and operations.

Carrier Grade

2. Faster Service TTM

Supporting mission-critical, real-time assurance

Built-in active-active geo-redundant, containerized architecture delivering 99.99% availability, carrier-grade security and hundreds of backups per day. Seamlessly handles unplanned data bursts of 500%



Scale-up on-demand. Eliminate months of infrastructure management time and effort

Activate any feature or solution, current and future, on demand. Eliminate lengthy, costly infrastructure acquisition. Roll out use cases on-demand across a global footprint. The Assurance Cloud Service™ scales effortlessly


6. Grows with your business

Control your spend with a flexible, value-based business model

Precisely scale, scope and adapt your service assurance capability on demand based on your specific business needs, with a commercial framework that gives you full control of your spend and access to exactly the features and solutions that you need

Taking SaaS to the Edge

The ACS Edge extends the full functionality of the ACS to on-premises locations. This helps CSPs to significantly reduce upfront investment in procuring and commissioning equipment, as well as reduce the costs of ongoing maintenance, management and operations. It does this while enabling support for the assurance of low latency connectivity services by bringing the assurance instance much closer to the network itself. It also allows for the alignment to regional regulatory requirements by retaining data residency on-premises.

Leveraging the Power of AWS

The Assurance Cloud Service™ is powered by AWS. The ACS leverages AWS capabilities to ensure reliability, security and performance, even when operating from an AWS Region thousands of miles away. By completely controlling the deployment infrastructure, we can deliver performance and availability guarantees not otherwise possible. This includes high availability, driven by an active-active architecture for resilience to outages; and protection from surges in data throughput, seamlessly expanding processing capacity to maintain application speed and reliability even in extreme usage scenarios.


The Assurance Cloud Service™ also runs on AWS Outposts. This now enables CSPs to adopt and benefit from the ACS and accelerate their plans to efficiently leverage distributed edge and regional cloud architectures that support latency-sensitive use cases, while also aligning to local data residency and security requirements.


MYCOM OSI's Cloud Migration Program supports the seamless migration of customers' on-premises deployments of the EAA portfolio of applications to the Assurance Cloud Service™, through a proven methodology, supported by AWS.