As CSPs embrace digital transformation, the emphasis is shifting to innovative, on-demand, real-time consumer and enterprise digital service opportunities. This demands new ways of launching, monitoring, managing and ensuring the quality and performance of services and networks with an ever-increasing degree of automation.The Assurance Cloud™ enables CSPs to visualize, automate and optimize digital experiences, as well as service and network quality, through integrated, real-time assurance, closed-loop automation and analytics, driven by AI / Machine Learning.

The Assurance Cloud™ Benefits

The Assurance Cloud™ is the telecom industry’s first carrier-grade service assurance SaaS offering. It delivers business agility by eliminating months of deployment time and effort, avoiding risky system infrastructure costs and enabling on-demand expansion and feature activation. With a predictable subscription service model, the Assurance Cloud™ is 5G-ready and future-proof, enabling CSPs to accelerate their journey to DSPs by deploying AI / Machine Learning at scale to realize the vision of the Autonomic Network. 

Business Agility

1. Operational in weeks

Accelerate your digital transformation

The Assurance Cloud™ is deployed and ready to ingest data in under 1 hour. A growing catalogue of end-to-end outcome-based digital transformation solutions rapidly solves specific business challenges

Carrier Grade

2. Faster Service TTM

Supporting the new reality of mission-critical, real-time assurance

Built-in active-active geo-redundant, containerized architecture delivering 99.99% availability, carrier-grade security and hundreds of backups per day. Seamlessly handles unplanned data bursts of 500%



Scale-up on-demand. Eliminate months of infrastructure time and effort

Activate any feature or solution, current and future, on demand. Eliminate lengthy, costly infrastructure acquisition. Roll out use cases on-demand across a global footprint. The Assurance Cloud™ scales effortlessly



Assure the Promise of 5G and beyond

The Assurance Cloud™ offers built-in vendor and technology-agnostic interoperability with hybrid networks, including rapidly evolving SDN, NFV, Telco Cloud and Cloud-RAN technologies. Our CI/CD approach to development adapts to the latest developments in 5G, keeping CSPs ahead of the 5G curve

AI/ML Autonomic Networks


Accelerate the journey towards Zero-Touch Automation

Leverage the massive compute and analytics power of the cloud, deploy pro-active closed loop automation of up to 95% of NOC/SOC operations and optimize network RoI and QoE, enabling you to deliver superior experiences and concentrate on finding and exploiting new growth opportunities


6. Grows with your business

Control your spend with a flexible, value-based business model

Precisely scale, scope and adapt your service assurance capability on demand based on your specific business needs, with a commercial framework that gives you full control of your spend and access to exactly the features and solutions that you need