'5G Service Operations: Closed Loop Assurance of 5G Network Slices'

TM Forum Catalyst proof-of-concept project

MYCOM OSI participated in the Catalyst proof of concept ‘5G Service Operations: Closed Loop Assurance of 5G Network Slices’ during TM Forum Live! 2017 in Nice.

The catalyst demonstrated agile closed loop operations to deliver 5G network slice assurance for multiple industry verticals whilst continuously optimizing infrastructure utilization and meeting SLA commitments. It focused on real-time service assurance of 5G service class – uRLLC (ultra-reliable low latency communications) for connected factories - deployed on a common 5G RAN and Core infrastructure.

In the Catalyst, MYCOM OSI’s assurance technology integrated with a 5G RAN and a 5G NFV EPC core to assure and orchestrate an ultra-reliable, low latency connected factory network slice using policy-based automation and closed-loop assurance. The Catalyst also demonstrated how MYCOM OSI integrates with a third-party Domain/Service Orchestrator for modelling using TOSCA and for inventory/lifecycle updates, and also demonstrated the use of TM Forum APIs for ecosystem integration.

Catalyst theater presentation

Catalyst video presentation

Catalyst datasheet

MYCOM OSI Catalyst contribution

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