Network Analytics

Network AnalyticsCommunications Service Providers (CSPs) continue to face major ROI challenges due to increasing network complexity, declining (average) customer revenues and rising costs. The introduction of new technologies and NFV/virtualization, and the billions of connected smart (M2M/IoT) devices which will be generating a tsunami of data presents additional challenges as well as opportunities for CSPs.

With a wealth of underutilized information, which they already gather and may be storing in big data stores or other data warehouses, CSPs need smart solutions that deliver actionable insights and make real-world sense for telecom networks. They need a novel, integrated approach to decision making based on both network and business criteria.

Integrated View

MYCOM OSI provides CSPs with simplified, insightful Network Analytics solutions to facilitate optimal decision making based on technical and commercial data, including information that may be kept in big data stores. MYCOM OSI brings together and associates a variety of disjointed data related with network resources and services as well as customers and customer-used devices for near-real-time and offline processing as applicable.

Optimal Investment

The MYCOM OSI offering introduces an optimal, integrated approach to Network Analytics for mobile/fixed/converged networks. From tactical (short-term) and strategic (mid/long-term) value-based (effectively ROI-driven) capacity planning to automated operations – including the orchestration of future hybrid (physical and virtual) networks – and to analytics-driven Over-The-Top (OTT) product offerings, MYCOM OSI helps CSPs fully benefit from their network investment.

Telecom Foundation

MYCOM OSI provides network analytics solutions For network- and business-relevant decisions, CSPs recognize the significance of telecom expertise and vendor-independent solutions. They are also keen to realize the promise of big data – today and as the data-abundant Smart World takes shape – by benefiting from their investment in big data stores. With deep telecom expertise and solutions proven at Tier-1 CSP deployments worldwide including a 150M-subscriber network, MYCOM OSI is at the industry forefront working towards its vision of ‘self-optimizing customer experience’ in which analytics play an essential role.