Automation & Orchestration

Automation and OrchestrationIt is getting increasingly more challenging for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to cost-effectively manage customer experience as network complexity does not cease to grow. In addition to new technologies such as VoLTE and LTE-A or HetNets, the advent of NFV/virtualization and the dawn of the Smart World – a world of billions of connected M2M/IoT devices – will give rise to further challenges for CSPs.

As their requirement for speed and efficiency changes from optional to mandatory, CSPs need flexible solutions to address complexity and improve operational efficiency. They need a holistic and powerful new paradigm to maintain and optimize end-to-end network performance, service quality and customer experience.

End-to-end Automation & Orchestration Solutions

MYCOM OSI provides CSPs with flexible, end-to-end Automation & Orchestration solutions. MYCOM OSI brings together the mosaic of network technologies, vendor equipment and domains deployed by CSPs into a unified, next-generation Automation & Orchestration offering that is not limited in terms of its applicability, flexibility and telecom relevance.

Unrivalled Expertise

MYCOM OSI Solutions Optimize Customer ExperienceMYCOM OSI appreciates the challenges CSPs face, and continues to work towards its vision of ‘self-optimizing customer experience’. The Smart World and the closely linked themes of M2M/IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Virtualization and network complexity – including the ‘imminent’ emergence of 5G – accelerates the need to get closer to the MYCOM OSI vision, earlier. MYCOM OSI will remain at the technology cutting edge, work with leading CSPs worldwide and participate in industry initiatives to provide best-in-class solutions built upon its deep telecom expertise.

Reduced Expenditure

The MYCOM OSI offering introduces an open, flexible approach to Automation/Orchestration of mobile/fixed/converged networks. From responding to network issues (self-healing) to ensuring the optimal use of resources (e.g. through network parameter audits), and from analytics-driven automated operations to end-to-end service orchestration of future hybrid (physical and virtual) networks as NFV is adopted, MYCOM OSI helps CSPs take control of their network infrastructure and best serve their customers while reducing operational expenditure (OpEx).