Network Performance Management

    Network Performance ManagementTo optimize end-user experience and maximize return on network investment, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) need effective network performance management tools to manage their network resources. How these resources perform directly affects service quality and customer satisfaction, and may also lead to unnecessary spending on new network infrastructure.  As network size, technology complexity and need for efficiencies increase, the challenge of optimizing network and service performance, and ultimately end-user experience, becomes bigger. Today, more than ever before, CSPs require solutions to maximize network and service quality in an efficient manner. Such solutions must be future-proof, go beyond performance monitoring, and support automation in order to accelerate management processes and reduce capital and operational expenditure (Capex and Opex).

    Proven Network Performance Management Expertise

    MYCOM OSI provides CSPs with proven solutions based on the award-winning PrOptima™ platform. This platform has been developed by the MYCOM OSI industry experts together with the network/service engineers of leading CSPs, and has been in use worldwide for more than 12 years.

    The MYCOM OSI offering for Network Performance Management and for (typically seen as part of the service layer) Service Performance Management constitutes an essential foundation for Service Management and Customer Experience Management (CEM), and is related with the MYCOM OSI solutions for these areas.

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    Optimized Customer Experience

    Network Performance Management and Service AssuranceThe MYCOM OSI Network Performance Management solutions are known for their scalable and flexible nature, speed of deployment and detailed analysis capabilities. These unrivalled capabilities help users drill down into Quality of Service (QoS) issues on a pre-specified/ad-hoc basis, without specialist assistance or programming knowledge. With the end-to-end MYCOM OSI solutions, network and service operations teams have the near-real-time intelligence to identify current or expected performance issues and to optimize end-user experience.

    Vodafone India Case Study: Building a Centralized Super NOC for 150M subscribers

    See how a leading mobile service provider radically changed its operational systems to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience and optimize revenue. The topics covered include Super Network Operations Centre (SNOC) consolidation, end-to-end visibility through unified network performance intelligence, and proactive operations including rapid service/network root cause analysis.

    Network Performance Management Webinar

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