Fault Management

    Fault ManagementTo maintain optimal end-user experience, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) need to manage issues with their network resources. These issues or faults directly affect network performance and service quality, often dramatically, and can lead to customer dissatisfaction and churn.

    As network size and complexity continue to increase and the number of fault-related alarms becomes unmanageable, CSPs require solutions that will help them identify and resolve issues in a quick and efficient manner, ideally before customers have been affected. Such solutions must be reliable, go beyond event monitoring, and support automation in order to accelerate management processes and reduce operational expenditure (OpEx).

    Proven Fault Management Expertise

    MYCOM OSI provides CSPs with proven solutions based on the market-leading NetExpert™ platform. This platform has been developed by the MYCOM OSI industry experts together with the network/service engineers of leading CSPs, and has been in use worldwide for more than 20 years.

    The MYCOM OSI offering for Network/Resource Fault Management constitutes an essential foundation for Service Management and Customer Experience Management (CEM), and is related with the MYCOM OSI solutions for these areas.

    Minimized Service Outage Time

    NetExpert™ Fault ManagementThe MYCOM OSI Fault Management solutions are known for their flexibility, scalable architecture and automated correlation model. This advanced model helps minimize the number of fault-related alarms, which is fundamental to avoid a tsunami of interdependent alarms caused by the same network equipment issue. With the end-to-end MYCOM OSI solutions, network and service operations teams have the real-time intelligence needed to focus on the actual issues and to minimize service outage time.

    Maxis Case Study: Beyond Monitoring – Network Management OSS Best Practices

    See how a leading mobile service provider has moved beyond fundamental fault monitoring to intelligent and proactive network management, deriving technical and business benefits as a result. The topics covered include site management, environmental alarm correlation, rich object modeling incorporating inventory, and alert information enrichment.

    Maxis: Beyond Monitoring –  Network Management OSS Best Practices

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