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On the Radar: MYCOM OSI's unified Assurance and Analytics suite enables adoption of closed-loop automation

MYCOM OSI is the leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Its platform is capable of delivering 95% automation and reducing deployment and operations effort by 75%. MYCOM OSI has been recognized in an Ovum “On the Radar” report. Here is why.

  1. The cloud native MYCOM OSI platform addresses the challenges of SDN / NFV and 5G: In the report, Ovum noted that MYCOM OSI Experience, Assurance and Analytics™ (EAA) addresses the challenges of NFV / SDN and 5G by unifying service assurance into a single, cloud native platform with integrated analytics (including AI/ML). It is capable of closed-loop automation within hybrid physical and virtualized networks. Ovum pointed out two particular EAA case studies: a top-5 CSP with 300m subscribers that aims to automate 95% of its network operations; and the world’s first telco cloud, assuring carrier-grade performance of its fully virtualized core network.
  2. The vendor agnostic platform has a strong partner ecosystem that enables service assurance in highly complex network environments: Ovum noted MYCOM OSI’s over 25 years of experience as an independent provider of telco service assurance capability culminating in a vendor-agnostic capability. MYCOM OSI is therefore relied upon by large Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) such as Ericsson and Wipro to address complex multi-vendor environments from its single, unified EAA platform.
  3. MYCOM OSI EAA, available as a subscription service in the public cloud, de-risks adoption of open source technology: The EAA platform is available as a subscription service in public and private cloud environments. This reduces deployment and system operation efforts by 75% vs. traditional systems. Indeed, Three UK is running EAA from the Amazon public cloud today with MYCOM OSI.

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