Network Performance Management

PrOptima_Z1.pngAs network size, technology complexity and need for operational efficiency increase, the challenge of optimizing network and service performance, and ultimately end-user experience, becomes bigger. MYCOM OSI PrOptima™ makes it simpler and more cost- effective to manage, ‘decode’ and utilize a growing network data repository, especially in a virtualized, digital service environment.

PrOptima™ is an E2E converged (Mobile/IP/Virtualized/Fixed) Network Performance Management solution with:

  • Leading out-of-the-box support for multiple domains, technologies, network equipment vendors and managed service suppliers
  • Unrivalled ability to scale-up and process very large volumes of performance data in near real-time using next generation object storage (Ceph, Elastic) for peta-byte scale
  • Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities based on flexible configuration
  • Ready to support performance of hybrid NFV networks and digital/IoT data traffic
  • Uses Agile methodology and latest technologies for cloud-based deployments
  • Northbound HTTP REST APIs that create an agile, open and collaborative ecosystem environment essential for modern NOC/SOC operations
  • Enhanced its web-based GIS for NOC/SOC teams to visualize the most critical KPIs in customizable GIS views, accelerating RCA

PrOptima_Z2.pngPrOptima™ addresses the significant challenges that Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face in managing the end-to-end performance of increasingly larger and more complex networks, including networks that span different time zones and/or belong to the same CSP group. With billions of disparate data records created every minute in heterogeneous domains, PrOptima™ provides a unified performance management platform to store, analyze and act on this valuable information.

From daily troubleshooting and issue resolution to special events management, from spectrum re-farming and new technology/service introduction to network equipment swaps, and from RAN sharing to operational migration or transformation, PrOptima™ helps CSPs optimize network performance, and maximize return on network investment, in a rapidly transforming virtualized/digital ecosystem.

Carrier-grade, Scalable Data Management

  • Single platform manages file, database, SNMP and events based data, and (as a federated system) can support up to 1M heterogeneous cells and over 150K IP devices
  • Automatic collection, mediation, aggregation and storage of any network data, with up to 100B data records processed per hour and near real-time visibility of 5-minute intervals, and standard interfaces to and from BSS/OSS/other data sources, adhering to TM Forum Frameworx guidelines
  • Adaptor catalogue of more than 500 off-the-shelf interfaces to current vendor equipment with many more developed in total, and pre-defined KPIs and flexible metrics, and KPI editor for customization

Network-wide Intelligence

PrOptima™ provides network-wide intelligence for efficient planning, analysis and optimization of mobile/fixed/converged networks using radio access, packet and circuit core, transmission, backhaul and VAS data, across legacy and next-generation technologies that include VoLTE, ViLTE, IMS, LTE-A, HSxPA, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, WiFi and HetNets. Based on its leading out-of-the-box support, unique analytical capabilities and unrivalled performance, PrOptima™ combines data across domains to help CSPs view, diagnose, report and optimize service and network performance and ultimately end-user experience on a near real-time basis.

Cost-effective Network Management

PrOptima2.pngPrOptima™ introduces a new cost-effective manner of managing networks in a holistic way across an organization, contrary to the old silo-based vertical approach. The platform helps CSPs increase their ARPU through differentiated service offerings based on effective network and service optimization. It also leads to significant OpEx and CapEx savings by replacing a large number of legacy systems as part of a wider transformation, and by increasing the productivity of operations and engineering teams via its automation capabilities and easy-to-use features.

End-to-end Performance Optimization

Today, the MYCOM OSI PrOptima™ platform helps CSPs manage the end-to-end performance of increasingly larger and more complex networks, including networks that span different time zones and/or belong to the same CSP group. From daily troubleshooting and issue resolution to spectrum re-farming and new technology/service introduction, and from network equipment swaps to operational migration and transformation, PrOptima™ helps CSPs optimize service and network performance, and maximize return on network investment.

Executive Dashboards

ProAssure - Executive dashboards
  • Terabytes of network data transformed into business intelligence via instantly understandable visualizations that are executive centric
  • Business dashboards containing up-to-the-minute data in dynamically updated maps, charts, gauges and other graphics

Intuitive KPI Editing and Customization

  • Graphical creation and management of KPIs across all domains, technologies and vendors
  • Drill-down/roll-up enables to rapidly switch focus from the service to the network layer

Advanced Analysis

  • Correlation and dynamic drill-down/roll-up of cross-domain performance, configuration, fault and other data
  • Network profiling and planning, suggested workflows, geographic information, and more options

Flexible and Efficient Reporting

  • PROPTIMA_Z6.pngDrag-and-drop building of reports containing tables, graphs and charts that are dynamic and drill-down/roll-up enabled
  • Multi-report management, chaining and synchronization
  • Efficient distribution of information to all organizational levels via a number of options including web-based reporting

Smart Packs

  • Pre-configured KPIs, reports and equipment vendor data interfaces
  • Pre-configured suggested workflows and Process Automation definitions for common tasks and processes such as Alleviation of LTE Radio Network Congestion

'Vodafone’s commitment to delivering the best network quality and customer experience is second to none. Having a single performance management solution that spans across the entire network infrastructure supporting our 150 million subscribers is a critical requirement for us. 

MYCOM OSI PrOptima will give us the ability to efficiently manage our entire network end-to-end, speed up the integration of new equipment and technologies, and also give us great  flexibility in our use of network information to the benefit of our subscribers'

Director Technology, Vodafone India