Automation & Orchestration

ProActorImage1-1MYCOM OSI ProActor™ is a next-generation Automation & Orchestration product that standardizes operational procedures based on best-practices, increase the speed/frequency of essential activities, and free up valuable resources to focus on more important tasks. Built upon the deep telecom expertise of MYCOM OSI, it helps CSPs increase Operations/Engineering efficiency through process automation, and fully benefit from hybrid (physical and virtual) networks through automation service orchestration.

Unrestricted Openness

ProActor™ is effectively an open, programmable framework that enables automation in a ‘recommendation’/supervised or autonomous mode by encoding expert knowledge and experience from past events in a graphical modeling manner. As a multi-technology, multi-vendor and multi-domain platform, ProActor™ can replace a number of silo-based solutions. These would include domain-restricted or ‘black-box’ solutions that are too inflexible to customize without vendor assistance, for example Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) solutions that have typically been radio access focused.

Cost-effective Operations

ProActorImage2ProActor™ introduces a cost-effective operational approach to address the challenges of increasing complexity as technologies such as VoLTE, ViLTE, LTE-A, HetNets and IoT are launched to support not just customers but also billions of connected IoT devices, and as NFV/Virtualization permeates networks. In addition to accelerating issue identification and resolution, reducing manual errors, and increasing CSP Operations/Engineering productivity, intelligent automation will become a mandatory requirement as networks that have relied on physical-only assets gradually become hybrid and even more complex through virtualization.

End-to-end Service Orchestration

ProActor™ can support a number of CSP Operations/Engineering use cases that reflect the current network landscape. Based on its open, programmable nature, the solution is expected to increasingly facilitate analytics-driven, automated operations and to assist CSPs as they prepare for the more agile but also more complex world of hybrid networks and their dependence on end-to-end service orchestration.

Flexible Automation

  • PROACTOR_X1.pngBest-practice and experience based ‘mechanization’ of repeatable tasks and activities using data in real time and near real time
  • Expandable solution to co-ordinate/orchestrate complex processes, including the end-to-end service quality driven orchestration of future hybrid networks

Multi-domain Framework

  • Consideration of data from various network technologies, equipment vendors and domains in a unified framework
  • Support for tasks and activities that span more than one team/department, according to CSP needs

Effective Reporting

  • ProActorImage3Data logging/journaling and feedback reports to inform on the outcome of each action, facilitate learning from experience, and enable traceability and rollback
  • Centralized – ‘cockpit’ – visualization of information for easier and quicker-to-act-on action monitoring in addition to more use case specific analysis reports

Adaptable Methodology

  • Open-box, programmable solution to incorporate expert knowledge and CSP-specific best practices as requirements change 
  • Support for open- and closed-loop automation, which can be event-triggered, scheduled or manually initiated

Simplified Utilization

  • Ability to define/edit process flows (known as ‘AutoFlows’) using an intuitive graphical decision tree (rule) based interface instead of complex programming languages
  • Clear progress/outcome feedback on automated actions

Efficient Customization

  • Customized process flows (AutoFlows) that target CSP-specific use cases as defined by Operations/Engineering teams
  • Extensive library of functions and multi-vendor/technology KPIs for process flows to consider

Off-the-shelf Knowledge

  • Process flow (AutoFlow) templates in addition to ready-to-use sets of KPIs or packages for vendor equipment data interfacing
  • Use case specific support built upon years of working with CSPs