Cloud Dynamics Underpin MYCOM OSI's Acquisition

Posted by Ian Meakin on Dec 20, 2018 10:16:13 AM

Article written by Ray Le Maistre, Editor in Chief - Light Reading, and published on Light Reading on 30/11/2018

There's a good chance that the acquisition of telecom network assurance and optimization specialist MYCOM OSI by private equity firm Inflexion, announced Wednesday, might have escaped the attention of many in the industry. (See MYCOM OSI Acquired by Inflexion .)

But it's worth noting for a couple of reasons.

The telco cloud is becoming a reality, as an architecture but also as a strategy: Network operators are not only building cloud-oriented platforms (slowly but surely) as they introduce software-defined, virtualized functions, but are also embracing the opportunities of the public cloud, where some applications can be hosted to good effect. (For example, see Is X by Orange Showing Us the OTT Future for Telcos?)

The vendor community is also embracing this shift, some quicker than others: Cloud native is the new mantra. (See The Mobile Network Is Becoming a Cloud Service, Affirmed Networks Launches 'Mobile Network as a Service' and Netcracker Launches Telco Cloud-as-a-Service.)

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The GSMA Mobile Economy Europe Report 2018: Industry challenges and how MYCOM OSI provides the tools to survive & thrive

Posted by Andrew Baldock on Dec 17, 2018 5:31:33 PM

The annual GSMA Mobile Economy Europe paints a mixed picture for CSPs, with continuing consolidation helping to stabilize the competitive landscape, but saturation in B2C pointing to slow growth in traditional revenue streams. The silver lining however, is a faster than expected adoption of 5G and a determined march into new verticals, showing many green shoots of growth.

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