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MYCOM OSI helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) manage Customer Experience, evolve to Network Virtualization and deliver Digital/IoT services. Trusted by the world's largest CSP group operators, its innovative technology platform embraces the digital services era, is ready for Cloud deployment and is built using the latest Cloud technologies and Agile development methodologies.

Trusted by Leading Communications Service Providers

Trusted by Leading Communications Service Providers

The world's leading CSPs trust MYCOM OSI to deliver high performance solutions borne out of years of deep telecom expertise. See what our customers say about our solutions.

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CTO of the Year Award 2017 Roundtable

May 24 - London, UK

MYCOM OSI is the proud sponsor of Mobile Europe's CTO of the Year Roundtable, where the latest challenges faced by Service Provider CTOs are explored, their experiences in managing digital transformation operations are shared and their opinions on key issues of Telco Cloud, 5G and IoT are discussed